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Powder Room Update, Dog Grooming, Randomness

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Hi friends!  I have nothing completed to show you but I thought I would share some of the things that have been going on in our world lately.

I have been 3/4 done with washing the wallpaper paste off the powder room walls for about 2 months. Jim has to do the rest because I can't reach even with a step stool. The toilet and vanity are in the way so when he gets a minute he has to get to it. 

So if you remember we started with this.

And then it looked like this.  The wallpaper was down but what was left was a very thick, crumbly, yellow layer of 38 year old paste. It would NOT come off. It was the most annoying thing we've done to this house to date.

Now it mostly looks like this!

We have this left and the rest of the small wall.

I was feeling so good until I saw this picture. Blah. I needed to laugh about it so I went back to Picmonkey and did a little tweaking.

Better.  Did anyone spot the clue?

We did some tweaking in some other areas of our life too. Here are some more before and afters.

And the after:

Do you think she's mad about the bows? She's so uptown now.  I really think Billy Joel is working on another song as we speak. We're going to have her audition for The Real Housedogs of NJ.

And here are a few befores of some furniture currently in our garage that I want to start working on soon.

A roadside garbage table with two drop sides and a leaf. I'm thinking cream legs and a dark stained top. Suggestions?

And a sweet desk that my sister in law gave the girls. Not sure what to do with it.  Sumpthin' girly.

And our garage is a HUGE before (parental discretion is advised).  You know how I feel about keepin' it real.

So that's what's been going on here! 

The other thing that we did this weekend was Molly's dance recital, which I have very mixed feelings about. I want her to dance for the joy of it, to move her body, to feel strong and capable. And then I let them dress her up in a spangled costume. I felt like a hypocrite in a way. I believe in strong girls who grow into strong women. I want my daughters to stand up for themselves, find their self-worth in their character and deeds, and consider themselves beautiful because they help others, are a good friend, and do their best. As those sweet little girls came out on stage and danced their hearts out in their purple "sticky-up Sugar Plum Fairy tutus" I couldn't help but wonder if I was actually doing Molly a disservice and not just because I wouldn't put makeup on her. ha ha ha!  Was I letting her down by letting her do the recital and all that came with it?  Am I over thinking this???  Moms?  Non-moms?  Thoughts are welcomed.



  1. Powder room will be great! Dog looks lovely, but I don't think she likes the bows. And Molly dances like a star - let her be one!!! She's beautiful! And having lots of fun!

  2. Wow, you lost half a dog! I don't have problem with your daughter's costume. I do have a problem with the hip hop dance routines, in tarty make-up and clothes. When I watch them, it looks like pole dancing to me! Maybe I'm just getting old. lol

  3. UGH to wallpaper!! I feel your pain. When we moved in here, we quickly discovered that the previous owners got lazy and painted OVER the pre-existing wallpaper in a few rooms. Talk about a mess! I have pictures of our bathroom makeovers that are eerily similar to yours--no shame! ;)

    Your pooch is INSANELY adorable (love those bows!) and your Molly is darling. I think the fact that you're concerned at all, weighing the pros and cons of dancing, is already enough to keep things balanced. You're a great mama! :)

  4. Oh man,....bathroom wallpaper. I was insanely lucky in this house. We only had two wallpaper boarders! You think someone would have come up with some sort of industrial strength Goo-be-Gone for wallpaper by now!

    Girls....Dr. Dobson says that girls (from the time they are very little to when they're old) innately want to feel that people think they are "pretty". So when our oldest started asking all the time, "do I look pretty?" (ya, I'm not much of a girly, girl), we always said, "yes, you're beautiful, but what's more important than being beautiful?" and she would have to say back, "being a nice person and loving Jesus". lol

  5. Why don't you turn that desk into a vanity?! Put a mirror on the inside so they can open it to access bows/costume jewelry and such, but it closes/puts up neatly.

    Just dreaming what I would do of I had a girl ;)


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