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Blogger's Day Out at Cutting Edge Stencils

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On Friday, I was privileged to be included in a group of bloggers from the NYC area for a day at Cutting Edge Stencils!  Not only was I incredibly excited to meet a group of women whose blogs I read daily but I was thrilled to learn more about a product from a brand I trust and know.

 Kelly at Eclectically Vintage and Miriam at Hometalk worked with Cutting Edge Stencils' CEOs and co-owners, Greg Swisher and Janna Makaeva, to create a day of fun, sharing, and learning. Plus, we walked away with some awesome swag and had first hand tutorials from the creators of the stencils and company. It doesn't get better!

Photo courtesy of The Shed
 Left-Right: Laura of The Shed, Evelin of Sweet Song Bird, Kelly of Eclectically Vintage, Miriam of Hometalk, Me, , Jen of City Farmhouse, Laura of Finding Home, Janna of Cutting Edge Stencils.

Here are some examples of how the stencils can be used. Everything in the office is stenciled so as you walk around you can't help but to start brainstorming!

That wall stencil (Zamira Allover Stencil) is one I have already from a giveaway. I can't wait to put it up now!

If you go to work every day, it's important to go to a place that has a pool table, popcorn machine, and gumball machine, isn't it?  I think so!

After a tour of the facility, we were led to a large table laden with stenciling supplies!  We each got to stencil a tote bag to take home. It was a great way to break us in before they gave us a whole wall to practice on!

Evey and Miriam are hard at work!

My tote bag is finished!

Jen worked so hard on hers and it came out beautifully!  Pantone would be so proud of her using the color of the year!

Greg and Janna gave us so much valuable information about paints, tools, techniques, and tips.

The use of the clip on level to keep your stencil level and plumb is essential.

This is their newest stencil called the Charlotte Allover Stencil. Isn't it lovely?  It is so lacy!

Cutting Edge Stencils is running a giveaway right now to win the Charlotte Allover Stencil!  Maybe you'll win..head over!

Laura was the first brave blogger to stencil after the pro did!  She did a great job!  Is Kelly tweeting, you think?

Greg spent some time showing us how to stencil on the edge of a wall, upper most portion, and other hard to stencil areas.

It looks like wallpaper, doesn't it? 

Kelly and Jen
The day was so much fun and I'm so grateful to Kelly and Miriam for organizing the event. If you aren't familiar with Hometalk I suggest you check it out. It's a virtual  meeting spot for anyone interested in home decor, renovations, gardening, construction/contracting, DIY, etc. where you can browse through other member's projects and post some of your own.  I urge you to go over and sign up so you can show off all your wonderfulness and give some support to other people who are like-minded.

I decided I am going to break this post up into more than one. There is too much to say and I don't want to leave a single thing out!  Tomorrow I'll let you in on some of the tips and tricks we learned from the masters, Janna and Greg!



  1. So jealous that you got to go. It looked like so much fun! :)

  2. Somehow I missed that you lived in Jersey! Where do you live? My parents live in Wayne :)


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