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I'm back!

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Our hard drive died last week. I was upset because we had been talking about getting a back up system forever but never did it. So every picture I ever took since Ellie has been born is on that computer's hard drive. Jim was pretty sure we lost everything. Before I allowed myself to freak out I told him that nope, that wasn't going to be acceptable and he needed to take it to work where magic must happen. And guess what?  IT DID!  I'm not sure how but he and his fellow computer friends managed to move everything from that hard drive to his computer at work. So whew!

One of his computer friends was selling a nifty little tablet/laptop combo thing so we have that now for me to use when he's on the real laptop. It is so cute!  I'm typing on it now. Can you tell?  You could, couldn't you. I know, I'm glowing. HA HA HA!

Ok, so as soon as I figure this thing out I'll be posting all sorts of fun stuff I've been doing!  I refinished our kitchen table, sewed a bunch of stuff, and I am getting a giveaway ready for this week too! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 


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  1. Gonna send all those pics off to something like dropbox now? What a nightmare! Glad it all ended well.


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