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Fingerprint Popcorn Bowl Class Gift

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Recently, I was given the task to come up with a super class gift or craft idea for Ellie's preschool. The school has a silent auction that is the main fundraiser and each class creates a gift that is then auctioned off. It had to be quick and easy because 3 year olds are making it and it needed to be cute enough that someone would bid on it. 

So here it is!  

See all those cute little kernels?  Fingerprints! You can do this easy! I think this would be an awesome teacher gift because teachers don't need any more mugs or candles. Or wreaths made from crayons. Or crayons melted with a hair dryer as art. Or an initial created from crayons. Frankly, teachers just may be over crayons. We like popcorn!  (at my first school, all of us teachers would end our lunch by sharing a bag of popcorn every day. We could have used this.)

To make your own fingerprint popcorn bowl is easy!
Buy or repurpose a large bowl.  I bought this large bowl from Target. It is from their Threshold line and is big enough to hold tons of popcorn!

Now make the kernels. Dip each child's thumb in yellow ceramic paint. I used FolkArt Enamel Paint (specifically for glass and ceramics)in bright yellow. Blot a little of the paint off, and then press their thumb in three places close to each other to create a kernel shape.

Use ceramic paint pens  to write "popcorn" on it and to outline each kernel so it looks more, well, kernelly. : ) I used Painter's Paint Pens in black and red. The label says they can be used on any surface.

If I were making this to give to my child's teacher I would write the names of the children under his/her fingerprint kernel. But since this is for the whole school to bid on I didn't do that. But I would have used a black paint marker. 

Bake the bowl according to your paint's directions to adhere and make it top rack dishwasher proof. My paint's directions were at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. 

After it's done baking and cooling, you can fill it with some fancy popcorn, candy, movies, movie tickets, whatever! So freakin' adorable.

What are your favorite homemade gifts to receive? Do you plan on giving any homemade gifts this year?



  1. thank you! I'm planning to make this with my daughters Pre k class for our teacher.

  2. This is a wonderful idea and a great teacher gift!!! Great idea!!

  3. We're trying this today with my kids and nephews so they can make a Pops Corn bowl for their Pops for Fathers' Day. Thanks for the great tips!


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