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Thanksgiving Turkey Bunting Decoration and Stuffing Recipe

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I have a confession. I don't like the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I adore the idea of Thanksgiving, of being grateful for all of our blessings (and we have so many!) and I love the idea of family coming together. But I seriously could never eat Thanksgiving dinner ever again and never miss it. One of my favorite Thanksgivings was when my mom made veal parmigiana instead. See ya, cranberries! No wait, cranberries, why don't you go wait in the kitchen and you can jump in some bliss bars, ok? 

And not only can you have my turkey, stuffing, and potatoes, you can have my fall decorations. I'm over them by Thanksgiving.  Our mums are fading, the pumpkins are getting in my way, and we have leaves everywhere outside, I don't need them strewn about my dining room table.

That being said, I am Jenny and I find myself looking to freshen things up. And a turkey bunting is the perfect way!

I used an old book (a self help book that I got for free in a bag of old books) and I used a die-cut machine to carve out some turkeys (heh heh heh). Then I hot glued them onto twine and that's it. A turkey chain gang! Happy Thanksgiving.

I know you are totally digging my incredible hand-lettered chalkboard. Really, I'm a professional so don't worry if yours isn't as fancy or as perfect.


Ok, so if you are going to make stuffing this year and you want to try something new, try Tyler Florence's Overstuffed Pumpkin Cornbread Stuffing recipe. Holy crow it is my favorite stuffing. It kicks the stuffing out of Stove Top. I'm so punny today! 

Photo Credit:  Food Network
Anyway, it is so delicious and when I do eat stuffing I want it to be this one! It has wine in it. Yay! I have never cooked it in a pumpkin though. I just toss it in a baking dish and it's all good. Pumpkins should be in pie and donuts, I think.


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  1. This stuffing recipe looks delicious, and your turkey bunting is adorable.


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