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Goodwill Nightstand Furniture Redo

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Jim and I purchased our bedroom set many moons ago. We bought it during a tent sale and there was only 1 nightstand. Not one to love a matchy-matchy look, I decided it was fine and I would come across something someday soon. Fast forward 9 years. No nightstand. Well, until....

While browsing through the local Goodwill store, I came upon this beauty for a whopping $12!

Good bones, the clear glass on the top was almost perfect with no scratches, and I knew it wouldn't take much to bring her into the 21st century.

I removed the glass first. Then I used a deglosser first and didn't use a lick of sandpaper or primer. This stuff is my favorite to make a job easier. Then I used a paint sprayer to apply 3 coats of a high gloss white Rust-oleum paint.

I sprayed the bottom of the glass piece with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint to give it a mirror-like finish.  That took about 7 coats since you have to spray it on in very thin layers.

Popped the glass back in and done!  I absolutely love it. LOVE IT!  I debated about the mirror look but I'm so glad I did it. It adds so much glam and sparkle. I think it looks fab with my Home Goods lamp!

Don't judge me for my reading material. Nora Roberts rocks. 

I love the details on the legs!

So staging. Hmmm, the not-so-secret secret of home bloggers. I think it's a necessary evil and I do it quickly and begrudgingly. I get that we want our pictures to look pretty but I just can't maintain my house like this. 

Check out what I actually took off the nightstand to take the pictures!  HA HA HA!  That's right, I have a ribbon that says I'm aged to perfection next to my bed just in case I wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I am, in fact, aged to perfection. 



  1. Love your table redo. That was such a good idea to use the looking glass spray paint for the mirror finish. It really turned out nice!

  2. I love the table makeover! The style of the table is great, with the white paint and mirror finish it is beautiful! I also love the lamp, and your new letterhead is lovely. You rock!

  3. What an excellent idea to use the looking glass spray on the glass top.

  4. Your table looks beautiful. I really like the bamboo style !

  5. I love it. You always manage to inspire me. I do have a question. Where can I find the Dander Deglosser? I've tried Lowe's and Sherwin Williams, but neither place had heard of this product. I really hope you can help me discover where I can get this stuff. I have two projects I'm itching to t started on. Thanks

    1. Hi, I've done some digging on the internet and found that I might be able to find it at Home Depot or Amazon. I'll let you know where I find it.

    2. Jeannine, I'm so glad you found it! I bought it at Home Depot. I really love it!

  6. I love how your table turned out! Come visit me @

  7. Honesty is the best policy! Sometimes I forget to stage my project. I use Looking Glass spray on windows, but never thought about a glass table. It is great - looks very high-end.

  8. nice job and it looks great! I especially like your honesty at the end. It is the icing on the cake!! thank you for sharing


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