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Beadboard Wallpaper and Bargains!

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I have totally gotten one over on The Man this week. No one is getting richer from me...nope! I hit some bargains that made me practically walk on air.  Let's start with my daffodils from Trader Joe's. $1.46 a bunch. A BUNCH people!  I should have grabbed more but you get what you get and you don't get upset. They are making me stupid happy right now.

The other is the beadboard wallpaper I scored at Lowe's for...wait for it...$1.27 a roll. Cray-cray.

I have been wanting to put 6ft tall beadboard up in our kitchen eating nook forever but we just haven't gotten to it.  
(For those young people reading this, that odd looking device on the left is a telephone. Yes, attached to the wall. It's vintage. Which means I'll try to sell it on ebay for $5000 bc it is VINTAGE. Buy a phone and get a VINTAGE light fixture free)

I spy with my little eye an upcoming tutorial for a spring project. Do you see it?

It isn't a large area but it would mean a lot of cuts since there is only one full wall. Everything else would be pieced around openings and windows. Just kind of a pain. But then I started thinking about beadboard wallpaper instead and I thought that could be easier to maneuver in all the wonky areas!

Here is an artist's rendering of how it would look:

OMG I can not stop laughing. Am I seriously a blogger?  

Anyway, I was browsing through Lowe's the other day and they had it on sale from $19.99 a roll to $1.27 so that made my decision. So expect some crazy post about putting up wallpaper in the future.

Jim was skeptical but look at all these awesome results from other, clearly more serious, bloggers.

See?  It looks like regular beadboard but so much easier to put up, I think. I'm pretty stoked.

Whatcha got cookin' for the weekend? Anything fun?  


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  1. I purchased the Lowes beadboard wall paper several years ago-when I painted it white, the lines filled in and it no longer looked like beadboard.


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