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I'm Blogging All Wrong

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So let's chat. I have been mulling some things over in my head for about a week  now and I feel like I have to put down into words what is keeping me up lately.  It occurred to me this week that I've been blogging all wrong.  And this is a long, rambling post without pictures so be forewarned.

I decided I was going to be more committed to this blog a few months ago and began reading all the articles I pinned on how to be a better blogger. Reading articles isn't new if you're a blogger, right?  This is a community of people who want to advance, who feel they have something to say, teach, show, or discuss with the world so naturally, these are the same people who strive to do it all better. I dutifully, and cheerfully I might add, went back to square one and re-read all those wonderful tips shared by other, more successful bloggers.  And after reading 5, 10, ok, maybe 20 I realized that I am doing this wrong.

Tip 1: Write about what you know, what is in your wheelhouse. Ummm. first mistake. I totally don't do this.. I have NO CLUE what I am doing half the time.  

Tip 2: Be an expert. If I were to write a blog about what I am an expert in, it would be mostly posts about how to fold laundry and leave it in a laundry basket for 3 weeks or maybe posts explaining the most effective methods of eating chocolate without your children knowing. Those are the things I am expert at. Oh yes, and I am an expert at not losing weight. So instead of whatever it is I do here, I could start a blog on not only how to get fat but how to stay fat too! Kick ass.

3: Take amazing pictures. I am lucky that my family is uber supportive of my blog and buying a nice DSLR camera was something Jim wanted to do for me. That being said, my pics are still grainy because I am snapping pictures as Ellie is asking me to tuck sparkly fabric into the back of her pants so it hangs down like Elsa's dress. My idea of using good lighting is leaving the front door open while I snap my pictures. I try, I really do! I use a tripod and experiment with different settings. I read tutorials up the wazoo. And yet, my pics are what they are. BHG is not calling and asking for the rights to use them.

4: Find your voice. This is my hardest because my voice, in all honestly, is snarky. I find a lot of blogging "rules" silly, I poke fun at myself (and the blogging world as a whole if I'm to be frank), and I have little patience in general. If I wrote in my voice I think you would ask the teacher to change your seat.

 I don't blog because I think I'm an expert at making wreaths or because I am sooooo passionate about making stuff out of spam cans.  I craft, sew, bake, and create because I'm a spoiled brat who wants what she wants when she wants it and can't afford it so she makes it instead. I blog because I am NOT an expert, I am NOT sure how all this gets done, and I'm guessing there are some other people out there like me who have no clue how to make all this happen.  I figure we can show each other our "HOLY CRAP I MADE THIS!!!" moments. 

 I am told I am talented which is so flattering but not true.  Maybe it's more accurate to say I'm willing to try. And the point of my blog is to hopefully show you all that you don't need to be talented or whatever. You just have to be willing to try and if I didn't mess it up you probably won't either.

So it's out there now. 
I wish I had named this blog You CAN Do This because that is the perspective from which I write. Or maybe it should be You CAN Do This And I'll Show You How With Moderately Clear Pictures in Poor Lighting.

Thanks for staying with me through my rambling thoughts! 

And since I can't leave without posting a picture here is one of Ellie making applesauce with me after she insisted on doing her own hair.



  1. Your post actually made me laugh out loud this morning at 6:30 a.m. Your blog is exactly the kind of blog I enjoy reading---real life and DIY. Your "Holy Crap I Made This" comment is exactly how I feel when I make something that I wasn't sure that I could. I don't have a blog, but if I did, I'd write mine (and take pictures) exactly the way you do. Keep it up. This is one reader that absolutely loves it!

    1. Thank you so so much for your comment and encouragement! And your comments reinforce to me that people don't always need an expert but some times we just need a friend!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH this is so me!!!!!!!!!!! I always feel EMBARRASSED when people tell me how talented I am and then they think I'm being all humble when I say "no, actually I'm not".... haha. One difference maybe between us is... I do write how I talk. And you know what? I've been told I sound like a hick and have terrible grammar (both of which are true), and by others that they love the way I write. So, hey, Way to be yourself. I loved this post. Alot. Alot, alot, alot. Way to be honest - and probably half the bloggers out there, if they were honest, should have written this exact post! :):):) You're awesome.

  3. I love it, too! You are bright and refreshing and next time I come to your house I want to eat chocolate with you without the kids knowing. HA! I probably taught you!!!! :)

  4. #2 if my favorite - eating chocolate without your kids knowing. :) Gotta be good at something, right?
    And...I'm all about snark! I sometimes read those articles and then I think...hmmm, maybe I could be "better" but then I remember that I just want to blog because I like it, I'm happier when I'm only trying to do it for me.
    SO...you just keep on doin' it the "wrong" way and I'll be right there with you! :)
    Have a fantastic week! (and hide all the chocolate!)

  5. This is now my favorite blog! Thanks for being so honest! I read a lot of "perfect" blogs and always think, are they really that perfect all the time? I live in the real world and it's nice to know others do too!!!
    From one chocolate hiding momma to another...keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you for being true to yourself. I read every new post. Check everyday Some of the others have started to out do each other and sorry to say full of themselfs I have deleted some. I enjoy yours like reading what your girlfriend did and is so real. We can laugh , cry and rejoice. Thank you stay true


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