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Spring Craft: Faux Cherry Blossom Branch

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What is your best quality?  

Mine may be that I tend not to let life happen to me. I grab hold and make it happen. I won't go into details but my life mantra tends to be "move along" and when something isn't exactly how I envisioned, well, I work my tail off to change it. In a way, it is kind of bratty. I absolutely will not stand for not getting what I want! And right now, I want spring. I am stomping my foot and refusing to budge from my decision to have spring.

So when spring doesn't come and I have not one single forsythia branch to force like I did in my old house, what do I do?  I make my own darn spring flowering branch!   Say hello to a DIY cherry blossom branch.

spring cherry blossom
This was a very easy project but it was a little time consuming. And I am planning on putting more blossoms on so it will be even more time consuming. But I love it and it makes me feel like I got what I want. Spring. 

If you are impatient for spring this may be the perfect craft for you!


Scraps of pink polyester organza and pale pink tulle
hot glue
branch (mine is from a dogwood tree in our backyard)

days of chalk and chocolate spring cherry blossom

1. Cut several small circles out of both fabrics. I found it easiest to layer them, fold, fold again to form a square, and cut a round edge opposite the folded corner.
2. Take one circle of each fabric and layer them. I alternated how I layered them for each blossom just for a different effect.

3. Lay your  pencil, eraser side down,  on top of the circles and twist, gathering the fabric in your fingers.

4. Add a drop of hot glue. 
Keep that pencil in there!  It will help you to keep your fingers free from the glue. The fabrics are thin enough that the glue will adhere both layers.

5. Press the blossom onto your branch and hold for 10 seconds or so.  Remove the pencil.

6. There it is!  
If you want it to look tighter just add a drop of glue to the middle and use the pencil to hold the petals in place. I was happy to let mine rest however they looked when I removed the pencil. Some were tightly wound and others were open and floppy.
days of chalk and chocolate spring cherry blossom

I found adding several blossoms to one spot makes it seem flufflier and prettier.

days of chalk and chocolate spring cherry blossom

days of chalk and chocolate spring cherry blossom

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  1. This is lovely. It reminds me very much of a painting I have seen. Very creative and artistic!!!

  2. This is so clever and turned out really well. Love it!

  3. Beautiful! They look amazing!

    We would love for you to come link up Mondays 8:00am EST at Your Designs This Time.


  4. Oh I've seen these before but never made with organza and tulle. So pretty, pinning for later!


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