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Gorgeous Flowers from The Bouqs Company

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Bouqs Company. I was compensated with product and all opinions are 100% mine.

I adore fresh flowers (who doesn't?) and frankly, I think it is always a good time to give someone (or yourself) a beautiful bouquet of lush blossoms.  My love affair with flowers means I tend to keep fresh bouquets in my living room or kitchen most of the time. Therefore, when The Bouqs  contacted me about reviewing a bouquet I was so excited!  The Bouqs is an online bouquet service that provides quality flowers for every occasion! 

After looking through the huge menu of bouquet options on their website, I fell in love with the one named "Hot Lava."  The picture displayed a full bunch of the most gorgeous hot pink and bright yellow roses.  

My roses came packaged in a sturdy box, with the flower heads wrapped in such a way that each flower head was cushioned and protected.  To ensure freshness the bottom of the stems were wrapped in a wet gel too.  I counted 14 flowers which makes the perfect sized bunch!

I got to work cutting the stems and arranging them in a pretty vase I already had.  Then I stood back and marveled on the gorgeous bouquet that I received!  Each flower was huge and healthy looking. The colors were vibrant and the smell was heavenly!  

Every day my roses opened a bit more until they were so full that my husband and kids commented on how beautiful they looked!  I was tickled with my flowers!  They are, without a doubt, the best, most healthy and lush bouquet of roses I have ever received.

Here are some pictures about 3 days after receiving them: 

A full week later and my flowers are STILL going!  Roses are usually a fleeting treat but The Bouqs roses are lasting!  

I would absolutely recommend using The Bouqs when you want to send flowers to anyone (or yourself!) for a special occasion or to just brighten up the day.  I know you will find the beauty and quality unmatched!

Autumn bouquets are available now too!  Save 15% & FREE SHIPPING with code AUTUMN15. Hurry, offer ends 10/31/214.



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