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Halloween Table Runner

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I was cruisin' through JoAnn's a few week's back. Molly decided she wanted to be an ice queen for Halloween but she didn't want to be Elsa. This girl is the most complicated child ever produced by a human.  There are a million Elsa costumes out there right now but nope....she needs to be a different ice queen...an original. So off I went looking for inspiration to create the ultimate ice queen, non-Elsa-esque costume. 

And since fabric is like crack, a little bit never satisfies and you need more, more, MORE I walked out with a yard of some pretty Halloween fabric that featured cameos with a witch silhouette. I love Halloween stuff that isn't so -HEY-IT-IS-HALLOWEEN! HERE ARE SOME BLACK AND ORANGE PUMPKINS WITH WITCH HATS AND SKELETONS! Subtle, if you will.  Elegant, if you will again.

 I had no idea what to do with it and then happened upon a luscious cream colored pleated lace at another store. I ran home and whipped up an easy peasy table runner! 

Aren't those witch silhouettes fab?

The runner is under my Halloween vignette on my dining room buffet. It lent the tone for the whole thing actually! 


I want to buy every lick of that lace and sew it onto everything I own. I want to make a few skirt extenders with it. It would be great if it came in black too!

There is no real tutorial. I cut the yard in half and sewed the two pieces on the short sides (right sides together.) I pressed that seam flat. On each edge I folded the raw side under 1/4' inch and then again 1/2", pressed the seam, sewed the seam, and then pressed again. Then I simply top stitched the lace to each short end. 

It took me less than an hour and it took me that long because I was watching Judge Judy at the time and I would get sucked right back into "I put the cell phone in my name 'cause his credit was bad. Now I have a bill of $3209870923590 and he needs to pay."



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