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Thrift Store Find

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Do you ever think about the prior life of the stuff you buy at the thrift store?  I do. I wonder if it was a gift from Aunt Wetkiss or something found from cleaning out Grandma Smellsweird's house. Maybe that neighbor that collects owls decided to ditch owls and move on to pandas. Whatever!  

Well, I found this recently.

What do you think its back story is?  Did it hold those weird hard candies that don't have wrappers and was it perched on a table next to a couch with plastic slipcovers?  Maybe it held flowers that someone received for an anniversary?  Or could it be an heirloom from a family that invested heavily in a brass company?  

Well, know what I did?  I changed its future story. 
*My mom is about to gasp and "why would she do that to such pretty and shiny brass!"*  

oil rubbed bronze thrift store

 Back from the dead. No plastic slipcovers for you anymore, baby! Put that all behind you now.

Que music:  Reunited and it feels so gooood

Hello, Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze paint. I see you are becoming acquainted with my new friend.


Just so you all know...I am writing this post as I watch an episode of Fantasy Island. Do you remember that show?  It was on after Love Boat and if my parents were feeling especially nice (although now I'm a parent and I realize it isn't niceness but laziness) they would let us stay up late to watch it.  (I'm pretty sure this dish above was around to watch it too).

So I'm watching an episode that features a Polaroid camera (techy!) and a group of "headhunters"  who are actually a  bunch of white guys in grass skirts.  The woman's shorts go up past her belly button but end just below her, um, fanny. The Vietnam vet was discharged 8 years prior.   And the 6 Million Dollar Man (Lee Majors) is peddling hearing aids during the commercials.  What a hoot! 


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  1. Why would you do that to such pretty and shiny brass? Beats me!!!'s lovely in black and would look great on my coffee table filled with hydrangeas! xoxoxoxo


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