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Christmas Trees--Help To Stop Over-decorating

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Let's talk about something serious today. I'm sure many of you aren't even aware that each year thousands of beautiful Christmas trees innocent victims of a preventable crime: over- decorating. No one wants to talk about it even though we all know it is happening.  But I'm here to talk for those trees that can't talk for themselves.

Sure, they all start off green, tall, and proud. But at some point, their loving owners put on one too many giant clip-on pointsettias, too much Ace bandage style ribbon garland, or life sized doves hovering around. And now these trees are left holding up poundage of shatterproof ornaments and 2 foot long fake candy canes, struggling to remain regal, when in reality their sap has run cold inside.  And instead of admiring their emerald branches, people ooh and ahh over plastic deco mesh shoved between the boughs in such quantities that it is almost as if the tree no longer exists. Sigh.

Why do we do this?  Trees are so perfect! They are happy to wear paper plate preschool ornaments, angels, ballerinas, and yes, even some garland and shiny balls. But why are we buying and displaying a gorgeous tree that can no longer be seen? 

Please, do your part to save trees from this sad fate. Call it a grass, um, tree root effort but let's start at home, today.  Just say "NO" to over decorating!

If you don't believe, take a look at some festive, but artfully decorated trees that keep the tree the showstopper!

Bonus Photo Tips!

And in the spirit of the season, if over-decorating is your thing than have at it and enjoy your stuff because while this post is written with my tongue planted in my cheek, the tree is as personal to a family as their meatball recipe!

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