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DIY Letter to Santa Tree Ornament

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Ok, first things first. One of Amazon's daily deals today is a Silhouette Portrait for half price!!  Now back to our show.....

All couples argue, right?  Money, kids, in-laws...everyone has an issue that never seems to get resolved. Our issue?  Glitter. And there is never a more tense time in our household than during the Christmas holiday season when I am glitterfying everything that isn't walking and Jim is going to work look like a Bratz doll.

See, I love glitter. The more the better. Yes it gets around faster than a stomach flu in a kindergarten class but I don't mind. I love seeing everything sparkle, especially during Christmas. Jim, on the other hand, never learned to appreciate it. He really HATES it. And this is how I know he truly loves me because he puts up with it and he knows he'll never win this fight. Glitter will go on.

These cute little letters to Santa ornaments were so easy to make!

1. Tear white paper on either side to the width you'd like your ornament to be. I used two sizes, one about 3 inches and one about 6. You can tear your length to about 6 inches too.

2. Roll up your paper into a tube. I found rolling it around a pencil made it easier. Tie with a ribbon to hold the rolled paper together.

3. Dip easy end into glue and then sprinkle with super fine glitter. My color is platinum and it is a silver color with a tinge of gold.

4. Let dry.

5. Cut a little gift tag out of card stock. Using a metallic marker, write "To Santa" the tag and glue to the ribbon end.

6. Glue a sprig of evergreen (real or fake) to the paper roll under the ribbon if you wish.

So cute, right?  Kids could do these easily too.

And while Jim may not love glitter, he's stuck with it just like he's stuck with me! And I'm way tougher to get rid of than a little glitter.

Oh and don't forget that homemade pompoms make darling ornaments too if you need to plump up your tree!

Stay sparkly!