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What The Flock!

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"Oooh, I love all the flocked trees on the Internet!" I said.
"Oooh, there are so many DIY versions!" I said.
"Oooh, I know! I'll DIY flocking! What could go wrong?" I said.

I used two methods. One used shredded Ivory soap bars mixed with liquid starch and hot water. This turned into a slippery, gloopy mess that laid on the branches like bird poop. I also tried using powdered laundry detergent, also mixed with starch and hot water. This went on almost clear but then dried to a white, snowy effect. We all decided we liked this look the best.

But it was seriously the biggest PITA DIY I have done in a while. I will never do this again. It was SO messy!  And the smell! My whole house reeked of soap for days. In fact, I bet I have brain damage. It was that bad. Now I'm brain damaged and I can't even say it was worth the fewer IQ points.

We spend a chunk on our trees because we buy them from a family outfit and the trees are gorgeous.  I decided that this flocking made my beautiful, natural tree look fake. Not that there is anything wrong with a fake tree but when you have a real tree you kind of want that recognized. I mean I'm laying out $70 so we can all join hands and sing about its branches or something.  Covering it up with laundry soap no longer makes sense to me, despite my damaged brain.  Why did that ever make sense now that I read that sentence?

And here is the worst part.

I have actually created stuff I need to vacuum. I can't blame it on those darn kids. I can't blame it on the dog. It is me. All me!  I created something that literally needs to be vacuumed daily. And God forbid anyone actually touches the tree!  I will leave a trail of fire behind me as I run to prevent anyone from even breathing on the stupid tree!  It will moult and I am not real keen on vacuuming in the first place, let alone in the second and third place.  And if you even so much as sneeze near it, you are out. done. goodbye. Leave your dessert and then get out.

So, in case you haven't caught what I'm laying down here I'll spell it out.  Flocking is flocked up. I will either buy real flocking powder (which I will never do because it is too darn expensive) or buy a fake flocked tree (which I also don't see myself doing because I like a real tree. Not that there is anything wrong with a fake tree.).

Even Pixie is fed up.

holiday christmas decorations
"This is for the flocking birds."

Now here is a DIY that was successful!  Glitter ornaments!  We'll talk more about these later.


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