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My Favorite Sewing Machine

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Four, maybe 5 years ago I decided I wanted to teach myself to sew. My mom had been a sewert when we were growing up and I remember standing next her as she was feeding the material through her machine or pinning a pattern.  The trouble was that I had 0 sewing knowledge!

Instead of spending money on a good, high quality machine, not knowing if I would bomb at sewing, I went out and bought a cheapo $80 machine. It was very basic and I started to watch tutorials, etc. And I was THE WORST sewer ever. I spent 90% of my time crying and wrenching knotted thread out of my machine and 10% actually sewing. I thought it was me...that I would never be able to sew something that didn't look like the dog got to it first.

On a whim, I entered a giveaway for a beautiful Singer One sewing machine  and to my great surprise and glee I won!  And to my further surprise and glee I discovered that I wasn't all to blame for my sewing failures. This new machine changed my sewing forever.

Singer One Sewing Machine

It literally purrs as it sews and threading it so turning the wheel and weaving the thread in and out of secret passageways!  It has all the special stitches you need for basic sewing needs and the bobbin tension is factory set. It never needs to be changed!  Of course you can change the top thread tension if need be. I will honestly say that my thread doesn't get tangled or mashed up in the back and now I spend 90% of my time sewing and 10% watching Murdoch Mysteries repeats while sewing.

Some of the other features I appreciate are the slide out tray which holds notions like my seam ripper (which still gets plenty of use), extra bobbins, and the 2 other feet attachments. I still haven't used those but I know one is a button foot.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just think that this machine is the perfect tool for  the home sewer/hobbiest.  I would gladly spend the $300 it usually retails for because it is worth it. If you need a great machine that gets the job done then I recommend this one. And today on Amazon it is at its lowest price I've ever seen!  $215!!

If you are thinking of purchasing a Singer One and have any questions about it email me and I'll answer as best I can!

And here are some projects I have sewn with it:

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  1. Only a person who sews can understand why we think a sewing machine is a beautiful thing. Kind of like some people and cars, I suppose, you know we are serious about how we feel. My Singer is well over 35 years old and she is still working away(though I'm not sure for how long). Your machine is beautiful!!


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