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E is for Ellie

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My sweet Ellie turned 1 this June and my sister was gracious enough to open her home to all of our friends and family so we could give Ellie a great birthday party. Our little apartment won't accomodate anything more than one of the girls' tea parties and even then, I'm not sure every stuffed animal is really comfortable around the table. And our party budget was the same as the girls' tea party budget as well. So I went off to make some pretty decorations and here is what I came up with:
I decoupaged some scrap fabric on a large cut out "E" that I hand drew on a piece of cardboard (the back of Molly's sketch pad. Sorry girl...you took one for the team). It hung on a giant picture window in the dining room that overlooks my sister's awesome backyard. (Look at her blue hydrangea!)

Of course, what party in or out of blogland would be complete without the tissue paper poufs and pom poms? Had to do it. You all know how. Take tissue. Fold. Pouf. Take picture. Blog about pouf. Still cute.

And her little theme was daisies so I made tons of tiny daisy cookies decorated with sparkly sugar and used them to bling up the cupcakes. Very sweet and got that job done in a sparkly way which is super important when you are the mother of girls!

And of course, the birthday girl!

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  1. Whoa! All of that, especially Ellie, is gorgeous! You are so talented.


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