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My New Blog Crush-Everyday Art

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Isn't the Internet wonderful?  Can you believe that some of us grew up not checking email every day or updating our status or reading blogs?  Thank goodness that's all changed now and we can wile away the hours reading about all the creative, inspirational women out there who are doing great things and sharing it all with us on their blogs. Lucky lucky rubber ducky, as Molly would say!  Recently I stumbled upon a blog and I'm so glad I did. It is beautiful and interesting and has a really cool name, Everyday Art!  The photography is bright and pretty...these are the kind of pictures I wish I could take and the bloggers, Jaime and Emily, have tons of wonderful recipes, decorating ideas, party ideas, etc.  Really too much to list!  Here are some of my favorites:

Wouldn't Ellie look darling in those?  If I make them green can I call them Key Lime Pie baby shoes?  Brown and call them Chocolate Mousse baby shoes? Do I just want to put dessert on her feet? Maybe...but these shoes are cuter than a puppy and a kitten sharing a cookie while holding hands.

Ok, after her dessert feet I'm going to make Ellie wear these puppy ears.

Wow. That's all I can say. Ummmm, my tissue paper pom poms seem especially lame now. Moving on.

These are so sweet they look like gumdrops.  What a great gift for a preschool or kindergarten teacher, don't you think?  I would love to have these for my students to play with on cookie sheets for an activity when they have free time!  Perfection!

Visit Jaime and Emily's blog!  See you there!


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