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UPrinting Giveaway Winner!

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Thanks to all who participated!  The winner is...
Comment #4--STB from Smells Like Popcicles!  I'll email you!  Thanks and congratulations!!

This is an exciting week for us. We should close on our house!  I'm beyond excited.  We've waited so long and now it's all coming true. I hope Irene hasn't delayed things for us but I fear she may have. Our realtor is checking today to find out if there was any flooding in the basement as we know they lost power and no power=no sump pump. YIKES!  But I'm thinking positive!

Busy today enjoying the sunshine and cooler weather. Hope you all are having a beautiful day!  I'll have my new fall wreath ready for tomorrow to show everyone!


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  1. Hooray for me!! Thank you :-)

    (and congrats on your house!!!)


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