Days of Chalk and Chocolate: Linens, Ruffles, and Flowers...Oh MY!

Linens, Ruffles, and Flowers...Oh MY!

I don't have a lot of space right now to get my craft on or to decorate. We aren't really decorating our apartment because we are hoping to be out of it and in our house soon. So I have to settle for decorating someone else's house and luckily my sister is a willing victim participant. I fell in love with this wreath at  and decided I would try my hand. I actually combined two of Emily's tutorials. I used the wreath for my wreath but I used her flower tutorial here  for the decoration.  Isn't she wonderful?  I just love her style!  I wish I could invite her over for coffee when I buy my new house and secretly find out what she would do to make it look stylish. Or not so secretly. Maybe I'd just come out and ask her in between cookies and Andes candies.

So this is what I came up with: 

I used remnant fabric for the flowers so I think I paid under $2 a yard for the polyester satin. I bought the beads from the clearance bin for under $0.50. The fabric is linen for that lovely unfinished look and wasn't on sale but I only needed about a yard and a half. I stitched the ruffles on the sewing machine but you can easily just baste stitch them by hand and pull them into a ruffle. It wouldn't take that much time and effort.  Then it was just wrap and hot glue and wrap and hot glue....

And yes, I glued the flowers on the wrong side and yes all the ruffles are going the wrong way. Do as Emily says and not as I do.