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A Few Useful Tips!

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I've been so busy lately!  I'm getting so many little tired projects finished up and along the way I managed to pick up a few tips I'd like to share with you!  I hope you find something here useful!

Tip 1: Turn your old coffee/diaper/anything from a warehouse store box into a nifty bin with some hot glue, fabric, and embellishments.  Cost = $0.00 if you use scrap fabric.

Tip 2:  Isn't it annoying when your garden flag won't stay put?  I used to watch mine fly down the street each fall.  Instead, use a few binder clips to keep your flag from flying. I like to try to match mine to the flag but it's not a big deal if it doesn't. You can't see it from the street!

Tip 3:  Old homes have wonky walls. When you are putting up molding, you may be left with wider gaps than you'd like. Don't waste caulk. Pick up some caulk filler. It's a soft, pliable spongy material that you squeeze into the space before you caulk. The caulk won't run behind the moulding or wainscoting and you'll save yourself material!

Tip 4:  Hate to press your hands onto the hot Rice Crispy treat goo to get it nice and flat in the pan?  Me too. Gross and ouch. Instead, generously butter the bottom of your cup measure and press it onto the Rice Crispy treats to flatten and spread them. It will be flat and condensed down too so you can cut out shapes with your cookie cutters if you're that type.

Tip 5:  If you have a cute soccer player, take her picture.  Ok, if you didn't know this one I would be surprised!

There you go!  A few of my favorite little tips that make my life a bit easier.  Rocket surgery? Maybe not! Who cares!  Did you see RHONJ last night?  ACK...train wreck.

Ok, see you all later!


  1. great tips! I'll have to remember the one about the caulk filler!

  2. Cool tips, how funny I'm about to do the box thing for the kids room, saw this in my blog reader and had to come and look! Yours is pretty!


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