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Fall Book Page Wreath, Kitchen Rug, Crockpot Kielbasa

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This post is going to be a little all over the place, just like its author. HA!  Can you handle a fall inspired book page wreath?  And a new rug for the kitchen and a decorating question?  How about a very unstaged picture of my dinner (crock pot kielbasa and potatoes)?  What do they all have in common?  um. nothing.

I made this last night from an old wreath I had in the garage. It's a little lopsided because the wreath may be something like 10 years old. I just hot glued some torn book page strips on it and then some leaves, pine cones, and acorns. Done! And the best part?  $0 spent.

I went to Sam's Club today and snapped this little rug up for $20. I think it's so cute.

Now I have a question for you all. Do you think the tile would look less ugly if we regrouted using a lighter grout?    And yes, my panties are showing in this picture.  Sorry. I just can't stage my life right now!  We have plans for the cabinets, counters, and back splash too. No worries. It will happen eventually. But for now, focus on the tile. The turd tile.  Honest ideas and opinions on the grout are appreciated!

And finally, I conducted a very scientific experiment tonight. What would happen if I put a bunch of kielbasa cut up with some cut up potatoes and red onions into the crock pot with nothing else?  Oh well, I did do a small drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. But no liquid!  Hmmmmmm.  What will happen???  Will the sun cease to shine?  Will the lost city of Atlantis rise up?   Will Kristen Stewart actually close her mouth during the next Twilight movie? 

Nope. None of that happened. And even though it isn't in theaters yet, I can guarantee Kristen will continue to quiver and keep her mouth open throughout the entire final Twilight movie.  What actually happened was a delicious caramelized, super yummy dinner.

Unstaged photo. I literally made Jim put his fork down before digging in so I could snap a picture. The potatoes were sooo good. Everything was ultra rich tasting and the sausage was soft inside with a crisp casing. I could cry about it. Fat girls sometimes cry at really yummy food.

Ok, so that's my hodge podge post for you!  Hope you are all well!  Oh one more thing...will I ever tire of Ice Ice Baby?  It's playing right now and I want to bust out some moves in my living room.  Stop. Collaborate and listen.



  1. Yes, I think lighter grout would look good. The reason you don't like your tile, could be there isn't enough contrast.

    I love the rug. In fact, if we had a Sam's Club near us, I would buy it to replace the nasty brown, falling apart rug in front of my kitchen sink.

  2. I have to vote no on lighter tile grout. It will be dirty in no time and the light grout will make the tile look darker. If you think Tuscan when you redo the cabinets, the tile will be a great match. Right now you are seeing them against white cabinetry. ~ Maureen

  3. I'm back from my long moving hiatus! I've missed you! (-: I love the wreath and can't wait to link up next week! xo

  4. love free wreaths :)

    lighter grout = more cleaning

  5. WOW, Jenny! This is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!


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