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Children's Book (gifts for children)

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Isn't reading to your children one of the best parts of being a parent?  I love that time with my girls when we snuggle up together and share stories, new and old. Both of my girls love being read to but Ellie adores books in a huge way. If she had a choice she would have me read 20 books a night!  She also likes to flip through them by herself and "read" the pictures. So I was so excited when I discovered Flatten Me which offers personalized gifts for children, including personalized books!  Such a great gift idea, isn't it?

Owl Always Love You is a sweet and gentle rhyming book about sharing the twilight of bedtime with your children, lulling them to sleep with soft words. I ordered the book personalized for Ellie, my little bookworm, and she loved it!

Each page is personalized with her name which made this book special for her. As a teacher, we are always trying to have children make connections to literature and this is a perfect way for toddlers to feel that text-self connection!

I also appreciated the gorgeous artwork and illustrations. Each picture is rich with detail, soothing colors, and gentle scenes. Just the pictures can make your little one feel quiet and peaceful.

The story itself offers repetitive language and rhyming which are two ways to encourage pre-reading skills, too.

Today I walked in and found Molly reading the story to Ellie. I think this will become a well-loved book in our home! 

Flatten Me has lots of great gift ideas for the special children in your life! 


I was compensated with product for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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