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Autumn Decor

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I tell myself each fall that I am not going to decorate. Molly's birthday is on Halloween and it is the start of the busy holiday season. Each year I promise to reduce my load, streamline things, make it all simple. But alas, I never do that...not ever!  The truth is I adore autumn and I love celebrating each change of season.  One of my favorite things about living in NJ (besides Taylor ham and Jon Bon Jovi) is how we are treated to true seasons and the changing of them is always thrilling!

I used shades of orange in some areas, shades of neutrals in others, and some of my tried and true favorite pieces set together to create vignettes around the house. 


But no one decorates like Mother Nature!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Our week ahead is super busy!  Two Halloween parties and parades, Molly's birthday on Thursday plus Halloween stuff, her friend party, her family party, a dentist appointment, my own doctor appointment, whew. And who knows what else will come up. So if I am MIA that's why!  But I'll be around again soon.


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