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Enter For A Chance To Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

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Parenting isn't easy, we all know that.  Sometimes we could use a little support, right?  A second opinion on a situation, some guidance, commiserating, sharing of ideas, etc. Kinsights is here to help us through it all, plus giving you the opportunity to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!


"Parenting is tough! Whether you’re facing a fever or potty training, Kinsights helps you make great decisions. We safely monitor your child’s health records and give you access to resources, useful data, and a community of parents who’ve been there before." That is the official description on the site. But in exploring it, I found it to be much more and all for FREE!

The first thing I noticed after signing up is that I can conveniently keep the girls' medical and immunization records up to date easily. Now instead of trying to locate that little book the pediatrician gave me years ago, I can immediately enter the info, even from my phone or tablet right at the doctor's office before I leave the exam room!

I explored the site a bit more and found an area called Notes where you can share your ideas about parenting like kid-friendly recipes, personal experiences, etc. Such good reading!

I also found it to be a good place to ask or answer questions. How many times have you wondered "Am I doing this right?  Is there a better way to handle this?"  The question/answer forum is pleasing to look at and easy to use, not like the thread based systems of yore.

Kinsights is offering up a $200 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky reader and all you have to do is register on Kinsights by entering through the Giveaway Tools entry form below. With the holidays coming up, I could sure use an extra $200 to Amazon, couldn't you?

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