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How To Decorate Halloween Cookies (when you stink at it!)

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Molly's birthday is on Halloween and I have been scouring the Internet for good ideas for yummy Halloween treats, Halloween desserts, or Halloween snacks. There is so much out there!  Adorable pumpkin and mummy cake pops, veggie tray skeletons, mummy juice boxes, you name it. So cute!  And I'm lazy!  What to do?  I devised my own easy peasy lemon squeezy way to decorate Halloween cookies and no fancy technique or even any talent is required!


Here is my secret arsenal of weapons for the talentless decorator:
Candy melts (easier to melt than chocolate chips but do what you will)
mini or full sized chocolate chips
sparkly decorating sugar
Ziploc sandwich bag
glass to hold the bag while you fill it
butter knife
Favorite sugar cookie recipe or store bought dough
Plastic spider rings

Roll out your dough and cut out your desired shapes. I used an Easter egg cookie cutter and a tulip since I couldn't find any of my Halloween ones. The tulip became the ghosts and the mummy and spider web were made using the Easter egg cutter.

Ok, now here's my favorite tip. Add the eyes before you bake. I am THE WORST at getting small things in the right place on a decorated cookie and I'm not pulling out tweezers. So I place chocolate chips in as eyes before I bake them and I PUT THEM IN UPSIDE DOWN. This makes a flat eye that enables the cookies to be stacked on top of one another for storing. I know. Mind blown. I sugar up my ghosts before baking as well so the sugar sticks which I'm sure you do too. So yeah, ghost are done.
Moving on to our little spider guys. I fill a zipper sandwich bag with melted white candy melts.

I cut the teeniest corner off and then I just drizzle it back and forth quickly over the cookie to make a webby look. Then I immediately place a spider ring on the wet candy. As the candy dries the ring stays put. Just remember to remind little ones to take the ring off before eating, of course!  

Ok, and last but not least are my mummies. Again I place the eyes in before I baked them. These are the mini chips but you can use full sized. I just happened to have these on hand. 
So again, I fill the baggie with melted candy, snipp the wee bit off a corner, and drizzle  back and forth horizontally only, and not over the eyes. Then I take the tip of a butter knife and flatten the drizzles so they are wider and more like mummy wrappings.  Just wipe it lightly across the melted candy and it flattens right out.
This also helps mend broken cookies as does just eating them. Whichever works! : )

So there you go!  No talent needed, no fancy equipment, no practicing, no lining and flooding, no homemade icings to make. Bah. Not here, not today!

If that is still too much work for you then I recommend the easy to make candy corn cookie. This is foolproof unless you're scared of food coloring.  And if that's the case, maybe just buy some cookies. 
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  1. Jenny, these cookies are awesome! Kids will absolutely love them. Moms, too!



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