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Christmas Home Tour 2013

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All throughout the fall I had visions of my Christmas decorating. It was going to top all other years!  The theme would be sparkle and glitter!  I would ditch all my regular decorations and splurge on some new!  It was going to be all natural!  Hundreds of feet of evergreen roping, natural wreaths hung from every window, applesauce Cinnamon ornaments strung into garlands!  BHG was going to be  And well, let's just say I changed my theme to "Just put stuff up before Valentine's Day."

So in the spirit of easy going decor to fit with my easy going personality (HA HA HA HA HA!!!) here is our home decorated for Christmas. 

Front door (don't love fake wreaths but I was too late for real ones. They were all gone but I only went to one store so there you go.)
Foyer/ You can see my PEACE sign tutorial here


Dining Room. Check out how "the claw" blossomed! Keep scrollin...
Guess what?  We burned the candles which is why they are short. But I know you understand since you know we live here and all.

Amaryllis and Paperwhites are in bloom now!
$2 each at our brand new Hobby Lobby!!

Dining room china cabinet

Living room barrister bookcase

Here are other little touches around the house.
Kitchen window

I found some 15 year old tinsel in my box of ornaments so I figured, why not?  Let's kick it old school!

My tree skirt was all messed up and the Little People Nativity was scattered about. Didn't realize until I started editing so I threw in some, um, camouflage.  Our tree's theme is Christmas this year. Not beachy Christmas, not retro Christmas, not rustic Christmas, just Christmas. Not that I don't LOVE seeing themed trees. I just find it hard to stick with a theme. Like when everyone was theming up their weddings, my theme was "get married." I'm way too tangential.

I hope your days have been merry and bright!  We are off to a holiday party in our neighborhood today and then the week ahead ramps up with class parties, wrapping, etc. It is such a fun time of year!  See you all soon!



  1. Awesome! I don't know where you get such wonderful ideas. Like silver bells in a pretty glass??? Wonderful!

  2. Your ribbon with the musical notes is fabulous. Good job.


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