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Cookie Snow Scene Jars (How To Display Christmas Cookies)

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Have you seen all the cute snowy jars everyone is doing around Blogland?  I adore the sweet scenes of little cottages nestled in sugar or salt in jars of all sizes, clustered together on a mantel or shelf. I have seen some that are perfect in their simplicity with just an ornament or a pine bough as the star attraction in the jar, too.  

After icing some cut out cookies the other night, I was looking around my kitchen and thought "How cute would it be to create a little scene in sugar snow in jars with cookies??"  I grabbed my sugar, scouted down some jars of different sizes and literally plopped some cookies in to create miniature forests or fields of snowmen!


The sugar doesn't ruin the cookies and the cookies don't ruin the sugar so it's not a waste of stuff.  Next year I'm going to do larger jars with bigger scenes too. Maybe invest in some other cookie cutters!  How fun, right?  

By the way, the chocolate roll out cookie recipe is one I found on Smitten Kitchen, called Brownie Roll-Out Cookies.  They are delicious, and while the dough was a bit dry to roll out, I just cut out smaller batches at a time and they were fine. We all really liked the recipe and I will certainly make them again!

Hope your holiday plans are all coming together. I look forward to "seeing" you all in the new year!



  1. How cute! Love the "snow" scenes, and I'll bet the cookies taste good, too!

  2. That is such a cute idea...I think it would make a really fun gift too!

  3. This would make an adorable gift too! Very creative!


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