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Happy New Year!

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I hope you all had a blessed holiday season!  

I have been away from my computer and haven't visited any of you, checked emails, or edited a single picture in preparation for posting.  Christmas was busy, of course, as I'm sure yours was. The day after Christmas, we drove 10 hours to visit my parents and sister in North Carolina. What started out as a wonderful trip turned into stomach flu misery. It started with Molly and traveled through each one of us. I was hit the hardest. I spent days in bed sleeping away the nausea and still do not feel myself. 

During the last night of our visit, my father was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. I'm grateful to say he is fine and all is and will be well with him. But we left with heavy hearts not knowing exactly what his hospital stay outcome would be.

So I am here, barely, but here. I have a cache of post ideas waiting for me to go forward on them and I hope to get some of it accomplished this weekend.  

Much love to all of my dear readers who are so generous with their time in reading my blog and coming along with me on my journey in homemaking.

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2014!


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