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Valentine's Day Free Printable

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I'm experimenting with making printable decor and I made my first one this weekend!  I found a pretty quote from Robert Browning and thought it would look sweet with some pink and brown flourishes!  People used to speak so beautifully that the speech itself is a work of art. Being able to read those words every day in my home makes it even lovelier.  I wonder what about Elizabeth Barrett made Robert Browning swoon so. I wonder what Jim's poetry to me would sound like?

So, what is for dinner love?
made by you... for I know hunger,
and frozen pizza.


I was excited to finish my first one and so I thought I'd share it with you all!  I'm hoping to be trying more in the future too!  So enjoy!   Click on the link below to print out the PDF. It is sized for an 8x10 frame.


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