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SPAM Craft

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Today we are going to craft with SPAM. No, we aren't going to go into your email folders and retrieve SPAM. It's not that kind. Yup, it's the original stuff, the meat in the can stuff. 

 Every once in a while Jim eats it and while I would love to make fun of him for it, I can't since we live in New Jersey and we all consider Taylor Ham (pork roll) a delicacy around here.   Ok, fine.  I still make fun of him for it and this year my mom got in on the joke and gave him a can of SPAM at Christmas!  Go Mom!  When he was done with all the greasy formed "meat" (oh barf) I gave the can a good washing and made it into a nifty refrigerator pencil holder!  I think it's darling!

You'll need an empty SPAM can because the shape is perfect for this application.  In addition, you'll need some fabric, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a heavy duty magnetic strip (or two or three heavy duty magnets).

Clean the can out and peel off the label.
Size your can against your fabric and cut a length that is 2.5 x the width of your can and 1 inch larger than the height. 

Fold and press the raw edges down 1/2 inch.

Hot glue the fabric onto the can leaving some hanging over the edge.

Fold the edge and hot glue to finish covering the can.

Fold in the excess and hot glue (carefully!). At this point I also cut a little extra fabric and hot glued it to cover the entire inside. That is optional.

Hot glue your magnet strip or magnets to the back where the seam is and you're all done!  I added a little rolled flower in a coordinating fabric to up the cute factor. 

So handy next to my calendar! So if you eat SPAM make this!


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  1. We were stationed in Hawaii, learned to love spam (it's even on the McD menu), now have something great to do with the cans. Love the pen holder!


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