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10 Unique Valentine's Day Wreaths

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Everything is coming up roses!  And hearts and arrows and cupids and YAY for Valentine's Day decorations!  I love all the sweet, springy colors that Valentine's Day brings out. As soon as I'm all done with the heavy and dreary winter, Valentine's Day shows up bringing with it the soft reds, pinks, lavenders, and violets that remind me winter doesn't last forever!   Plus it's fun to incorporate other colors as some of these wreaths prove!  

I gathered up a bunch of favorites and ones that I thought were different than the usual. I hope you enjoy them!  And please remember to pin from the original source.



  1. Hi Jenny, Thanks for including me in your list. Great roundup of wreaths!

  2. Wow...such creative and clever ones!!!

  3. Beautiful, every one of them! Glad I don't have to choose a favorite!!


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