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Valentine's Day Bottle Vases

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A few months ago I was browsing through Pinterest and came across a million adorable pictures of felt food for play kitchens.  Have you seen these?  Lilliputian cakes, waffles, burgers, chicken, even entire Thanksgiving dinners all made out of felt.  Every single picture was cuter than the next and I decided right then and there that I was going to make the girls an entire kitchen's worth of felt food!  I am woman!  See me sew felt!

I got right to work by buying an insane amount of felt in a variety of colors. You have to have lots of choices if you are going to sew up food for the whole food pyramid, you know?  Well, I made some broccoli, two fried eggs, and a carrot. And then....well, let's just say making felt food is time consuming and the girls were terribly unimpressed. So I was left with a hoard of felt.  

For Valentine's Day, I used the felt to make some cute felt flowers for hair bows, but also some simple decorations, including these bottle vases.

Jim received some fancy sodas from Santa Clause in his stocking. All I did was rinse out the empty bottles and poured in silver, beige, and pink craft paint inside. Then I swirled the paint around to cover the inside of the bottles and poured the excess out. I let them dry for a few days upside down.

Once they were dry, I cut hot pink and light pink felt using pinking shears to the size I wanted and then just hot glued the layers onto the bottle. I added a heart in a contrasting color and some pom poms I had in my stash as well.

The one on the left is drunk, I think. "Whoa, whoa, stop the Earth, I want to get off!"

I think they are so cute!  I am going to buy some fresh roses to put in them but for now they look pretty just clustered on top of my barrister bookcase! And how easy is that?    Just goes to show you that holiday decorating can be as easy as a few scraps and a bottle!

What are some ways you bust your stash?

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you'll come by again soon! 


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