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Valentine's Day Fabric Hearts

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I decided to bust my insane fabric stash the other day by stitching up some sweet fabric hearts for some Valentine's Day decor!  I always appreciate the soft colors of Valentine's Day and it feels good to add some hearts and flowers decor makes me feel like spring will come someday!  Anyway, I'd love to show you how I created my fun fabric hearts!

I collected a bunch of fabrics that all had similar themes, colors, or textures. Then I took out my pinking shears and cut out 100 of these babies.

I free handed a heart on cardboard, cut it out and then traced the heart on the wrong side of the fabric. I doubled and even tripled up the fabric to make cutting go more quickly. It didn't really take me very long at all. 

What did I do with 100 fabric hearts?  Stick around for the next few days and I'll show you!   Today I'll show you the scrap fabric tree I created!

To do this, I cut a small piece of ribbon, folded it in half, pinned the two end pieces to the wrong side of one heart. Then I sandwiched it with another heart and stitched around the edge, leaving a hole. Then, I stuffed the heart with fiber fill and stitched the hole closed. 

By using the hearts, I was able to keep my little ornament tree out from Christmas.  Yay for double duty decorations!

I did leave some without loops and I just mounded them in a glass ice bucket I had laying around.  So cute!
valentine's day fabric hearts holiday decorations

The best part?  When the girls have friends visit, I let each little girl pick a heart off the tree as a little favor. They act like you handed them an American Girl doll dipped in glitter with a matching Ring Pop. Seriously, happy little people.

I'll be posting more ways I have used these hearts this year in my Valentine's Day decor!  Come back next week!



  1. Good evening Jenny, You have my attention.... I love anything to do with hearts. The choice of colours and fabrics are lovely and I also love the way you have hung them...... do you see there is a lot of love in this comment.
    It's time to get out my pinking shears, my material and cotton and start cutting and sewing these little beauties.
    Best Wishes

  2. This is such a cute idea and it looks like something my daughter and I could do together.
    I have to admit - your "American Girl doll dipped in glitter with a matching Ring Pop" line literally made me laugh out loud! That is quite a reaction to get from a little girl! :D

  3. These are sweet. You make me wish I wasn't afraid of sewing machines.

  4. Fabulous!!! I love the patterns and your hearts are adorable and such a cute idea for Valentine's Day. I would love to do something similar. Do you remember where you bought your tree? I can't wait to show this to my sister - the seamstress of our family!

  5. Jenny,
    I love what you did with your scraps. As a fellow seamstress I can't stand to waist fabric. This is a great idea of how to make use of that material. Darling!
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie


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