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Chocolate Meringue Cake (Valentine's Day Chocolate Dessert)

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A few years ago my sister made a declaration, similar to George Bush's "I will not eat broccoli" declaration. She decided she was no longer baking. She wasn't a good baker, she didn't enjoy it, she wasn't doing it.  I was secretly happy since I am a good baker (pat pat on my back), I do enjoy it, and I want to try different recipes. Thus, the holiday baking duties have fallen (or rather, I placed them) onto me!  I try to do something different for each holiday, something we haven't tried before, and then I also try to bring or include something familiar. This year for Christmas dinner, I tried a Chocolate Meringue Cake recipe I found on the great cooking blog, Heat Oven to 350.

I have always loved the idea of pavlovas and meringue cakes. The idea of soft, billowy drifts of sweetened whipped cream nestled in crispy, light as air meringues seems so delicate and romantic. Who wouldn't love that?  And Nicole created a meringue cake recipe that uses chocolate in three different ways...sigh. Perfection. This would be an amazing Valentine's Day dessert!  A real show stopper!

Don't let meringue intimidate you. This recipe is perfect and the meringues need not look pretty since they are getting covered up with cream. I'm not that great at judging when egg whites are whipped enough and tend to over whip them. But my finished meringues came out beautifully and so I figure anyone can do this!  Plus you make it ahead of time so it's a great addition to a Valentine's Day menu if you are entertaining at home.
Try this Chocolate Meringue Cake if you are looking for something sweet, chocolaty, and impressive for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or just a day! 


  1. this looks fabulous!

    so light and creamy

    i would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!


  2. Oh wow! I love meringue! A whole cake of meringue would be amazing!

  3. Wow..!! Chocolate meringue valentine day cake looks awesome and adorable.
    Its perfect cake for valentine day celebration.


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