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Layered Curtains

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I love the look of layered curtains, especially when one is a pattern and one is solid in coordinating colors!  I've seen this in a couple of magazines and I decided I wanted to have this look as well. But alas, I didn't want to install a double rod. What to do?  

I managed to do it and here's how!  It is a little cheat that I think looks fun and fresh!

*you will need to have curtains hung on rings to do this. If you don't, get rings. You'll need 9-10 depending on the sizes of your curtains. Mine are not double width and I have 9 rings on each side.

1. Buy a tablecloth that is 102" if your curtain rod is hung high. If it is not then a smaller one will work. Cut the tablecloth up the middle lengthwise so you have two 102' long and narrow panels. Sew a simple seam on the raw edge of each panel or use Liquid Stitch to create a seam.

2. Attach the tablecloth panel to the same rings as your curtains. This is just to size them without having to take the other ones down, etc.

Too long, of course.  Cut the excess leaving an inch or so for your seam allowance.

3. Take the tablecloth panels down and sew or Liquid Stitch a hem.

4. The following directions are going to be your left, not the curtain's left. Using the right 3 rings, clip the tablecloth panel on its right side so the left is still loose in your hand. I had the factory made seam on the right. My seam is going to be hidden. Obviously, try to space the clips out equally. I find the easiest method is to clip the two ends and then find the middle by pulling the fabric to you.

5. Clip the left side of the tablecloth panel to the clips that are on the right side of your original curtain, but make sure the tablecloth panel is behind the original curtain.  Half of your tablecloth panel will be sharing clips with your original curtain.  Sorry for the grainy photos. :(

That's it! I am so happy with them!  The gold in the tablecloth adds a little sparkle and the pattern makes the window more interesting, I think!

Here is a before and then some afters.   Yes, Pixie is in every freakin' picture. The couch is her favorite spot.

Before (ho hum. Even Curious Geourge isn't interested)

Ok, seriously, I tried 4 different times to get a shot of these curtains. I was in bright day light, low day light, rain, no matter what I did though it was SO hard to get a good picture!  But you get the idea, right?

Off to watch American Idol. I am just watching it for Harry Connick, Jr, if I'm going to be honest. 



  1. Wow, they look wonderful! I love the colors. Pixie is cute, too!

  2. Love it! I have been wanting to add the layered look to our 9' glass slider for awhile now and it just hit me today to use a tablecloth! I love the way you did this :) stealing for sure!


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