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Make The Easiest Pillow Ever!

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You all know about my intense love of pillows. I make them constantly and Molly is always complaining about the plethora of pillows around the house. But I can't stop myself!  When I see a pretty fabric, towel, napkin, whatever, I immediately think about how I can turn it into a pillow cover. So when I found some winter napkins at Target last year after the season for $2  a piece I knew they'd be mine and I knew they'd become a pillow cover!  

I'm in the process of sewing two very sparkly pop star dresses for the girls for Christmas and frankly, I'm a bit burned out on sewing. So these had to come together fast.  This is how I made the easiest pillow cover ever.

Iron 2 napkins.

Cut 6-4 inch long lengths of ribbon and pinned them along one edge of each napkin facing in, right sides together. Make sure your ribbons are the same on both napkins. I didn't measure but I did put them on top of each other to make sure the ribbons lined up.

Stitch along each ribbon edge so they were secure. You will do this on each napkin.

Right sides together and ribbons lining up, stitch along the three sides that do not have ribbons.

Clip the corners to get a nicer corner when you turn them right side out. 

Turn the pillow cover right side out and insert your pillow form.  Tie each ribbon into a double knot.

Done!  It took me 15 minutes.  And now I have a little winter glam in my living room!  Happy!

You can check out some of my other pillows too, if you are interested!

In other news, I tweaked my gallery wall. I didn't do major changes but I added some things and moved some other things around. I am growing it over time as I accumulate things that appeal to me. I like how it's evolving.  Ack, the pictures are terrible! Click here for the before image.

I am still trying to get some Christmas pics up on the ole blog. I am in the process of editing the pictures so we'll see if I get them up this week. Hopefully!



  1. Love, love, love the new pillows! And the gallery wall is really looking great! Great job!

  2. You and I must have been separated at birth. I do the same thing whenever I see a napkin or placemat. I recently made a pillow out of a Target placemat (like yours but darker grey background with 1 gold and 1 silver snow flake. I just opened the seam a bit and filled it with fiberfill, some liquid stitch to close it back up and done in about 5 minutes and about $3.99!


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