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Living Room and Listen to Me Whine

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I've been working on trying to get our living room half way decorated. It's not working. I don't know what the problem is but I'm stuck in limbo with decorating this house. I feel burned out by it all.  My tastes run pretty traditional but I decided to ramp it up a bit with some more modern elements. I wanted a rug with a geometric shape or a repeating pattern and I wanted it to have a little orange in it. If I couldn't get that I wanted a cowhide rug but I wanted it fake bc I don't think I could wiggle my toes in cowness. But sadly I refused to pay for either of those options. We use our living room a ton and it needed to be cheap, cheap, cheap. So I settled on my regular traditional look and it's ok. I'm happy enough. I have to work on curtains and wall art and oh just about everything. I got the rug at Home Goods and it's wool. Not a bad deal.

Next I was working on our Christmas mantel. I am trying to use what I have already and not buy anything but to tell you the truth I just can't get into it. I feel like it will never be what I want it to be. Here is my start:

The greens came from our yard which is nice I guess. I know I need some more large things and I'd like to put a large something in the middle but I'm not sure what. A wreath? A chalkboard with some Christmas message? A mirror?  Not sure.   I think the reason I'm feeling blue about it all is because this is what the rest of the room looks like:

You love the lamp without the shade, right?  Classy.

I feel completely discombobulated. Our old house was cozy and decorated and so sweet. I love this house but I can't get it to feel like home. We still have so much to do. None of the rooms have overhead lights!  We will be getting that fixed but it's making me nuts. This is Jim's busy season at work so he's not around much to help me with projects. We have no curtains hung, no dining room furniture, nothing! 

Ok, so I am so hard up for artwork but have no money to purchase any that I painted my own. I AM NOT AN ARTIST.  But here it is...

I want to paint over some of the branches but I'm afraid of really messing it up.  Not sure if I will hang it.

We just had a major sink backup and we shelled out a huge amount to the plumber today after my brother-in-law and Jim couldn't reach the clog with their snakes. So I'm bummed about that.   I can't even find my snarkiness!  It's gone for today!  That's not right.

So to make myself feel better I'm going to look at my sweet Ellie who discovered Molly's Cinderella shoes this weekend. Look at those chub feet!  Love!



  1. Oh my dear...I feel your pain! There is a reason I haven't posted pics of anything other than our bedroom on my own blog! I moan to my hubby sometimes that I still feel like I'm living in another woman's house b/c I haven't been able to get anything (other than our bedroom) to feel like "me" or "us". Sigh.
    Wish I had something more encouraging to say, other than you're not alone!! lol! :)

  2. First off... Way to go Monet!!! That picture is gorgeous. I could not paint that in a million years. Second, I can't get the whole feel of the room... but can ya section it in two? Move the sofa to float in the room, then pop the kids toys behind it. They can have kid land and you can have mommy land =) The mantel needs beefed up but it's nothing more free greens can't do =) Go simple. I see it all the time and it's gorgeous =) If you have an out let handy, pop some lights in with the greens so it sparkles =) I will not even tell you about my plumbing horrors, so I feel your pain. I'll just say sewer, and leave it at that. Sometimes, ya just need a friend to come over and put a fresh spin on it and a smile on your face =) Those cute chubby tootsies did it for me ;) {hugs} Shannon

  3. Oh dear! I am sorry to hear you are burned out!

    It if makes you feel any better I'll tell you a bit about me and my house we bought it two years and four months ago and we are lacking so much furniture couches, wall art, we just got cable three months ago for us it all comes down to money :( least you have creativity and you can paint!! I am sure things will fall into place! Hugs to you!


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