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Thanksgiving Banner & Finding My Treasures

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Jim and I are good at lots of stuff. He's good at taking naps. I'm good at making up silly songs. We are not good at moving quickly on things. And so we are still living with most of our stuff in boxes as we go along taking naps and singing silly songs.  But we recently uncovered some treasures of ours that have been hidden in storage for the last 7 months or so and it felt like my birthday all over again!  We put together a little vignette in our living room of these treasures and it's like seeing old friends again!

Hello Old Desk!  Hello Black Bird from that weird antique store!  Hello Large Gold Ampersand!

They love Old Typewriter!  I was a little nervous since he's sort of the new old kid on the block but it's all been well.

Our fireplace is in the family room which is currently the play room so I am not glamming up the mantel. I'm keeping it kid chic. Plus, the stupid thing is a concrete slab so the only way to glam it up is with one of these

So I had the girls make hand print turkeys and I printed  the words "Many Blessings" onto a simple card stock circle banner to hang. I love seeing their little hand prints because they are my real blessings.

See ya tomorrow!  Come back for a giveaway on Wednesday! And don't forget to link up your latest projects!


  1. Oh that desk! That typewriter! The ballerina's! Be still my heart. :)

  2. Jenny, I'm so glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. I'm so excited about your blog. The fireplace mantle looks GREAT and the fairy party looks like it was precious and so much fun!!! I'm your newest follower!

    Aimee @

  3. I am loving that banner! I'm such a sucker for handprint turkeys! A neat piece of decor and a keepsake too! Would you share it here?

  4. This is so darling, and a fun keepsake! I found you at Happy Hour! I am having a Turkey Show Off Party on my blog this weekend, complete with prizes! I would love for you to join the fun!


  5. thanks for sharing...
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