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Molly's Simple Mermaid Party

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During the weekend we had a small family party for Molly's 5th birthday. She wanted mermaids as a theme but not Ariel...she wanted ALL the mermaids. Not easy. So we ended up with more of a beach theme but she was still happy!

Mermaidia is the name of the mermaid land in the Barbie movie.
Molly asked for a banner that said Mermaidia so that's what she got.
See the paint swatch on the walls?  Classy.

Moppin' before the party.sorry ladies, he's all mine!

Marshmallow sugar plums in the back were maid by Molly. She dipped them in graham cracker
crumbs to resemble sand. She was so proud of herself.  The glass cake stand is a dollar store plate
 on a dollar store candle holder. I cheesed out on the cupcakes and got them from
a bakery.

Can you believe KoolAid actually comes in this color?  Scary.

Blurry pic but we made fish cookies and Molly wanted me to show you.

"Message in a bottle" sung in Sting's voice and floppy Twizzlers. Fantastic.

This is a cake I won at a tricky tray. A local mom makes and sells cakes and she did this for me.
Molly was thrilled.

The birthday girl wore a Halloween shirt because, although the party was not on Halloween,
she was born on Halloween and felt it was appropriate. More appropriate than her
mermaid dress or her mermaid shirt or her mermaid costume. Hmmmmm.

We had a blast. Wednesday is her fairy party with her friends and I'm going bigger on the decorations. 



  1. You are such an awesome mom! I have bookmarked (a long time ago) your blog for ideas for Jenna.


    Jen (mazi)

  2. so cute! what a great job on her party.

  3. cute! I hope my girl loves mermaids - ariel was always my favorite and I made my girl a mermaid doll for her birthday (pattern and tut on my blog).
    Very cute party!

  4. Happy 5t Birthday to your little Mermaid!

  5. I would have LOVED to have a party like this as a kid (the little mermaid was my fave). So not a "simple" party -- it is AWESOME! Love every detail, especially the blue lemonade.

    Great job!!



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