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Giveaway prize from Crazy Wonderful and Christmas Mantels

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I won the neatest giveaway recently! I was stoked when Shelley at Crazy Wonderful emailed me and told me I'd won  this

I received two large, monogrammed mugs, 4 glossy glass magnets with almost vintage looking black/white insect images (but not icky ones, classy insects.) and the most beautifully sewn burlap clutch.

The mugs are so cool. I have used it for my morning coffee every day since I won them.

Ellie hasn't stopped being enamored with the bug magnets. She takes them off the fridge and then puts them back on. So cute. But the clutch is maybe my favorite. Shelley's stitches are so straight and small and she lined the whole bag!  I love it. So please visit her blog and see some of the other neat things she does!

Now onto some Christmas eye candy:

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens


Shea Soucie and Martin Horner for Traditional Home

Country Living

Country Living

Here is a mantel I found while browsing some blogs.  Lookie What I Did showed off her beautiful mantel!  I love the wreath!

Found another at Organize Your Stuff Now (which I should read daily considering the state of my world right now). The shutters are the perfect little bit of cottage next to the glitz of the other decorations.


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  1. I'm so glad you like everything! My little girl is totally enamored with the magnets too :D She says, "they're not scary bugs". Hehehe :)


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