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Tulle and Yarn Christmas Trees Tutorial

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As promised, here is a tutorial to make the pretty yarn and tulle ballerina inspired trees I made to decorate the girls' rooms. I think they came out so sweet, especially the tulle one!  I created Nutcracker inspired vignettes for their rooms and these trees are my favorite part!

There are a million yarn tree tutorials out there and I'm sure mine is the same as many. Still, here is what I did to create the yarn version.

Supplies:  Soft, fluffy yarn, sewing pins, beads, foam tree form

First, I secured the yarn in the form using a pin. I started from the bottom but I guess it doesn't matter.

Wind the yarn around the form, trying to keep the layers as close as possible which isn't easy with a fuzzy yarn.

Keep winding...

When you get to the top, secure the end of the yarn to the form with a pin. Now it's time to decorate!  Thread a pin through a bead like this:

Stick it into the tree!  Repeat oh about a million times. 

Supplies:  Tulle, sewing pins with the colored balls on the end, tree form.

The tulle tree was even easier.  I had tulle from a bolt so I gathered it together and cut it into fourths so it wouldn't be so wide. If you use the spools of tulle you can skip this step.

This time I did start from the top. I gathered the tulle together and pinned it to the form.

I wanted a tutu effect so I bunched it randomly as I wrapped the tulle around the cone. Every time I bunched I secured the tulle with a pin.  I let the tool pop out a bit so it looked frothy and free. You can make it as bunchy or as flat as you like.

Continue bunching and pinning as you wrap until the whole thing is covered. 

You can decorate the top with a star or something if your tree form cone is flat like mine. I decided to leave mine alone since I was happy with how they look. You can't see the top from their dressers so it was no big deal to leave it empty. You do as you want.

Ta Da!  Ballerina inspired trees! 



  1. I love these!! I need to make some for my little girl! She has a pink room and a pink Christmas tree!


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