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Latest and Greatest Friday #6 and Features

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Can we talk?  I love reading every comment you all write to me!  It was one of the best parts of starting this blog. I have made some new friends and found inspiration in so many of you!  And I'm saying this as your friend...test your account to see if it says "no-reply commenter" when you comment on a blog (I tested it by commenting on my own and then a fellow blogger's blog who had brought it to my attention).  If it says that, we may not be able to respond to you. It's not that we don't like you or that we are secretly making fun of you in study hall. We want to talk to you but it won't let us bc you are listed as a no-reply. If you want to be a no-reply then fine, be that way. But if you don't, if you want us all in blogland to write back to you, change your account settings so that everyone can see your email address when you comment. I'm saying this because I'm your friend and that's what friends do. I will also tell you when you have spinach in your teeth or when you tuck your skirt into your pantyhose when you come out of the ladies room. I got your back.

Now...onto the fun stuff.

All in a Day created this gorgeous owl inspired party for her daughter's first birthday. Lucky girl!  Look at all the beautiful details!  And you can tell by her curtains she has great taste, lol!

Nifty Knacks showed off a cute Christmas countdown wreath. I think this is the first wreath like this I've seen. I love the red/white combo.

Weathered Pieces at Peanut Butter Plaza shared this gorgeous buffet. I love that she kept the hardware and just freshened everything up with paint. Maybe she'll send it to me?  Please?

I'm trying to build up this link party. Parties are so much fun and I love seeing what everyone creates so if you think about it and wouldn't mind, I'd love if you could FB or tweet or blog about it. Of course, I'll return the favor in whatever way I can!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my baby girl's very 1st birthday party!! I had so much fun planning and putting it together! xoxo

  2. Oh yay my first feature! thank you so much!

  3. Hey Jenny! Happy weekend to you and I hope the teacher in you doesn't mind my noveling progress link... I swear, it's also craft-related, LOL! ;)

    Thanks for hosting!!


  4. Thank you so much for your comment on my blue chair! Sorry I'm just now joining the party. I was without internet access this weekend so didn't see your comment until Monday morning!


  5. Thanks for hosting! I'm glad this is still open!


Thanks for your comments!