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Features from Last Week's Party

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Today I taught 2nd/3rd grade resource room. It was a good day over all. But they were super chatty and I came home with a splitting headache. So we piled the kids in the car and headed to Kohls for some shopping and then to McD's for a rare fast food treat. I don't dig fast food so we don't eat it often. Molly was beyond thrilled to eat half a chicken nugget and sniff a french fry. That kid never eats.
So I wish I had a fun project to show you but I got nuttin. So instead I'll do what I like to do even more than show my project.  I'll show off yours!  Here are some of the awesome features!  It was smashing party though and I truly appreciate all the support you give the party each week!

Grey Buffet

I love the color!  It's so elegant and modern. So pretty!  Plus it looks like it holds a ton!

Homemade Chalk Paint Dresser

I love homemade chalk paint stories because I feel like I'll get the nerve to try it if enough people say it works. And this piece is proof!  Look at how lovely Alicia made this plain dresser!  It's perfect now!

Laundry Room Rug

Ok, I adore everything Cassity and Justin do in their home!  And this rug rocks. Aren't the colors fabulous?  How can you not want to do laundry with a rug like that? So cheerful!

Professional Seam Tutorial

I wish I had read this before I made a skirt for Molly. My seams do not resemble these in any way. But now I know how because this tutorial is clear and explicit. Such a big help!

Delicious Buffet

I felt like Rachel Zoe when I spied this buffet. "I just died. It's bananas."  Those were my thoughts. I LOVE this so much!  The color is perfect and the top is gorgeous!!  Don't you have buffet envy?

Thank you to everyone who linked up and if you were featured, please consider placing my button somewhere on  your blog. xoxo

And I'll be honest, right now not one of these American Idol contestants is thrilling me. I feel like it's been all elevator music. sigh. How come no one ever sings Bon Jovi?



  1. Great features!!


    1. I agree! Every one of them is a show stopper!

  2. great features...I love grey buffet

  3. Thanks for featuring me this week! What a pleasant surprise!
    The other features are great! Loving the grey buffet!

  4. Thanks so much for the feature - especially
    to be included with such great makeovers -
    I am beyond honored!!!!

  5. I tagged you in my 11 questions challenge. I hope you'll take the challenge and participate!



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