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How are you all today? We're fine. Well, Molly is upstairs with strict orders to take a nap but it doesn't seem to be working. Do you ever find yourself with a kid that is just sour?  She had a play date with a sweet little girl from her school and I was a little embarrassed at my whiney, sour Molly. So after they left I sent her upstairs thinking a nap may help.  This is when I don't know if I'm the best SAHM.   I wonder if we all wouldn't do better if I worked.

OK so onto the fun stuff!  FEATURES!  I love features, don't you?  Do you do what I do and wonder "Will my X be a feature some place this week?"  Isn't it a thrill when it is?? 

Here were our most viewed links from last week's party!

The Traveling Spoon
How to Freeze Avocado

This is  great. I had no idea you could freeze
avocado. We always end up with too much!  Perfect.

Book Page Bracelet

I'm always amazed at ways you all find t use
book pages. This is so pretty and vintage looking. Love!

Cousin of a Thin Mint Cookie
Ok, this may change my world. I may never lose my baby weight.
You keep your T.M.'s in the fridge right?  I mean that's the
best way to eat them. So if I can make them at home I can have them in my fridge
at any time. Sweet!

Easter Decorations
So festive!  Those eggs are in such
luscious colors and that mossy bunny
reminds me of spring!

And one of my faves:

Stock Doors Dressed Up

This is a great idea. I have all those flat, blah doors in my
house and this would be a great solution. She did 
beautiful job!

I hope you will grab a button if you were featured.  I also encourage all my readers to visit these fun blogs!  You'll get a ton of ideas and eye candy!

Thanks and come back tomorrow for the link party!



  1. Thanks for featuring my avocado how-to - I really appreciate it!

  2. Yay, that feature made my whole day! Thanks so much!!

  3. Thanks for the feature! So sweet of you!!

  4. Thank you Jenny for the feature. It is so appreciated!! Have a great weekend!



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