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Guest Blogger: Cindy from Beaux R'eves

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Hi Friends!  I fell in love with Cindy's guest room transformation!  She has a great vintage style with an eye for details but she doesn't over do it. I think it's so sweet!  Thanks for coming by today, Cindy!

Hi, I'm Cindy over at Beaux R'eves which translates to"Sweet Dreams"  in French.  I'm an Interior Designer and a Certified Home Stager.  I'm so happy that Jenny asked me to do a Guest Post on the details of my Guest Room Makeover. 

 You can see the Room Reveal Here.   

This is Part Deux of the Details of the Makeover.

 We left off with the Bedding and lighting details 

you can find here in Part One. 

  Did I mention the color of the walls?  

If I neglected to do that here are the Details:  Steamed Milk SW 7575

 It's a warm milky white color that really suits this room.

While we are on the subject of Painting, let's talk about other things that were painted in this room.

This dresser had been in Miss Beaux's room until she decided she was too hip for it.  It was a mahogany color but it wasn't really a good piece. Just some laminate pressboard inexpensive furniture. The mirror that is hanging above was attached but I wanted the flexibility to use the dresser on it's own so I detached it.  I mixed ASCP in Old White with Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque to achieve a creamy white color.  I felt that the Old White just by itself was too cold and needed some warming up.  I painted Cocoa on the flowers before going over them in the Old White.  A few coats of wax and it looks like a totally different piece. 

Surprise!  I painted the inside with Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue mixed with ASCP Old White.

 Here is another piece that received a new coat of paint.  I've had this little telephone table for quite some time.  It's traveled with me and made an appearance in just about every room in the house.  It was last spotted in my son's room hanging out.  Well Hey, he's in college so it's fair game right? 

Looks a little dinged up doesn't it?  What in the heck was my son doing in that room?  Nevermind, don't really want to know.  A couple of coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Blue and Old White around the edges.  It's yet to be finished as there is a design that I am working on for the top, but I ran out of steam...

Here is a peak at the "Work In Progress" .

Sitting next to the telephone table is the chair that I slipcovered in dropcloth material.  You can see the whole redo HERE.  The sheep picture was purchased at a consignment shop and the painted iron pieces I've had in my stash for some time.  Pillows were purchased at Homegoods.

 This sweet book bundle also got slipcovered with dropcloth. I have a short tutorial coming up where I will show you how I did it.  

 This Pottery Barn Shelf was hanging around in my storage area also.  It was in our old house in California and then in Miss Beaux's room for a while. 

 The accessories were pulled from around the house.

  The horse picture on the right was downloaded from the Graphic's Fairy and popped into a Costco frame. 

The branches were gathered 

on a walk with the dogs by the pond.  

The only purchased items were the silver trophy 

from Nell Hills $7.50 

and the little hanging votive cups from Target

 in the Dollar Section.

 $2.50 for three!  

My daughter and I love to cruise the dollar section and try to find different ways to use things.  I just screwed in cup hooks under the shelf and placed battery operated candles into the cups.  

I just saw these today on One King's Lane for $22.00 for colored votive cups.  I think I did good!

Once I detached the mirror Mr. Beaux put hanging wire on the back and I hung it up,

 threaded large white ribbon onto the side hooks 

and tied it up onto a glass doorknob from Hobby Lobby that we placed into the wall.

  You can see my Hinges in the reflection of the mirror.

Miss Beaux had a day off of school one day last month 

and we went to the Antique Mall near us.  

I walked by these Hinges and picked them up. 

 They were $4.00.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them, I just knew that I needed to have them. 

 And then Viola!  

I thought with all of the Black accents wouldn't they look so cool? 

 "You want to do what?"  Said Mr.Beaux...  

"Why would you ruin a perfectly good door?" 

 Ummmm, for the "cool" factor? 

 I finally had to role play with him and have him pretend to be the Handyman and I was the Swanky Interior Designer...  Just do what I ask and don't ask questions!  

Yep, sometimes they just don't get it.

What's left to talk about?  The bench? 

 I recovered and you can see the before and after here.

  And the pictures and plates hanging on either side of the mirror.  The silhouettes are my boys when they were small created at Disneyland.  

Do they still do that?  

And the plates are ironstone from estate sales and thrift stores.  The black rocking chair was a gift from my Aunt and  Uncle.  It's an antique but I'm not sure how old it is.  

And, if you want to revisit my

 Anthro Hack Drapes you can go Here

Thanks so much for sticking with me for the Details!  

Whew, that was a lot to cover.  

And thank you Jenny for allowing me to "Guest Post" about my Guest Room!


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  2. I've been drooling over this guest room since the reveal! It's so lovely :)


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