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Vintage Inspired Bathrooms

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Have I told you about our aluminum electrical in this house?  They used aluminum instead of copper in the late 60s/early 70s to conserve copper for the war effort. It is a fine conductor but it causes trouble when you try to connect copper to it in order to update fixtures, appliances, outlets, etc. It becomes a huge fire hazard.  ick. We had a lot of updating to do on that front for cosmetic reasons so we knew we would have to update the wiring.  We got a couple of estimates on ripping it all out and rewiring it with copper. All estimates were in the  $20-30,000 range. what? what? WHAT????  HELLO?  I didn't ask for solid gold wiring. So we are doing the next best thing and having each and every outlet crimped with a Copalum crimp. Electricians have to be certified to perform the procedure and it costs a bundle but it was considerably less that ripping it out so this the route we are going. Plus it's the only US government recommended remedy for aluminum wiring. And you know the government NEVER makes mistakes. HA HA HA!  Anyway, it means that we are getting some new light fixtures too. Jim barely got out the words "We need to replace some" before I was peeling out of the driveway on the way to the H. Depot.  honk honk...see ya!

Which brings me to this post. I want a vintage feel to the powder room but not sure what to go with. I'm not getting a new vanity/toilet right now so I'm concentrating on the lighting and sink fixtures. Here are some inspiration pics I found as I was trying to decide between oil rubbed bronze or nickel.  (Feel free to leave me your opinion on oil rubbed bronze in the comments!)

I love the casual vintage feel. Jim would
just about keel over if I put that vanity in though.
He's sort of against me putting in
furniture that actually looks more worn
than what we are replacing. Such a guy.

Seasons For All At Home
I wish I could see the whole room
because I love what I can see!  The bead board, the
lights, the door handle, the chair...what isn't to love
here?  I'll even take the pink bathrobe.

The Comforts Of Home
I love this because I always dig black and white,
I always dig toile, it's actually a real person's
powder room and not a shmancy mag photo,
and she mixed her finishes. Well done. Bravo!

House Beautiful
Ok. To be honest, this is a
little over the top for my taste. But I adore the basic elements
such as the mirrored vanity, the gold mirror, and the mix
of ornate and simple. So glamorous.
Country Living
That sink rocks the cazbah.
And again, they mixed metals on the fixtures.
Do I dare?
Annabelle Magazine
Now why didn't I think of yellow bamboo
poles with oranges hanging down?  Darn. Maybe this is
too vintage. HA HA HA!
Oh wait. That sort of looks like
my upstairs bathroom. No. more. laughing.
Decorpad (unable to find original source)
I love the high contrast of this bathroom.
The ghost chair practically disappears
and the oil rubbed bronze is pretty
with the light walls.

I think I may go with the oil rubbed bronze just for something different. What do you think? Do you like it?  Is it a fad that had its day or is it still "in?"  I need help! 



  1. I love oil rubbed bronze! And I like that last pic you posted. The contrast is beautiful!!

  2. I love the second one! So cute!


  3. I laughed out loud when I read your comment on the oranges... Well, I like vintage in general, but bathroom number 1 or 2 would be most like my style....

    btw I come here via the Linky Follower widget... If you are not a follower yet of you are hereby invited to join us.


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