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Flea Market Finds

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Hi Friends!  I hope you all enjoyed a fun and restful weekend. We did!  I saw my nephew play his trumpet in the high school jazz band and they were awesome!!  I'm so proud of him. He is thoughtful, handsome, determined, and talented!  Go Joey!

Today I went to a flea market at a local high school. I was so excited to go but once I got there I almost regretted it. It was a nasty, cut throat affair. People were pushing, rude, and careless with the items. Frankly I was speechless. Do we have to lose our common sense and good manners to get a $3 baby gate?  I think not.  I grabbed a few pieces of milk glass and some wreath forms although some lady yelled at me because she thought I cut the line to pay. Guess someone spit in her chocolate milk this morning. 

Here is what my $9 bought me.

I love that measuring cup I didn't need it but it is super thick and heavy and felt old to me. It made me happy!

So let me tell you a story. When we first got married and bought a house I decided I would hang this and only this in my dining area.

Pottery Barn

And so I spent months scouring eBay because at the time it was being sold by PB for $299.  I ended up getting it off of EBay for $199. Better but still what I consider a bit of a luxury to us. Everyone thought I was nutso to hang a giant chandelier in our dining area when was really just the eat-in part of the eat-in kitchen. I did not have a dining room. So yes, I hung that in my kitchen. So what? I loved it so much that I excluded it from the contract when we sold our house. That chandelier is MINE.

So it went into storage for 6 months until we bought this house. Then it sat in the box in the dining room (it finally has a proper home) for 5 months until the electrician took care of our copper wiring.  He opened the box and rays of light radiated out as the angels starting singing. Finally it is up!  YES!  Uh-oh. Bad news. Neither Jim nor I can find the crystals. Weep. Sob. So I found the replacements and put them on but there was only 3 of each so now this is what it looks like: 

Keepin' it real, peeps, keepin'it real.

And with that, I wish you a great Monday!



  1. I want that measuring cup!!! and don't worry you know you will eventually find the missing pieces to your beautiful chandy!

  2. That milk glass is so pretty, and that measuring cup is adorable!


  3. That chandelier is gorgeous! The milk glass is my favorite of your flea market finds.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'd love if you followed me. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Oh no, I do hope you find the crystals! I have had my eye on the same chandelier for my dining room too, but cannot bring myself to pay the PB price....enter Overstock! Same chandelier, for a lot less...so I just might buy it. Love the milk glass, I have seen them everywhere in blog land lately...sorry you had to go thru a lot of frustration to get them, but now that you are home, so worth it I'm sure.

  5. Lurve the measuring jug!!! x Julie

  6. Oh, I am completely in love with the measuring pitcher. It is so neat. $9 well spent on those items!

  7. Oh wow, I really want that measuring glass! Beautiful, and all that for $9! Thanks for linking up at Burlap & Denim.

  8. Great finds, especially when you can spend $9 for one of those pieces at antique stores. Love the milk glass!


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