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Halloween Pillow, New Sewing Machine

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A couple of week's ago I found out I had won a brand new Singer sewing machine from DIY on the Cheap!  It's a great blog, by the way...I hope you'll check it out!  Anyway, I was beyond excited as my machine is the cheapest one Singer makes and I've struggled with it from day 1. I figured it was me and I was just destined to be about as good at sewing as I am at saying no to dessert.

But then it arrived (and so quickly too!  Go Singer!). I waited a few days before taking it out. I was a tad scared as if it would laugh at me when it realized who would be using it. I could picture it pointing its needle at me and gasping for breath as it choked between laughs, "You?  You are going to sew with ME?  Oh girl, I think not."

But it didn't happen (didn't see that coming, right?) and all I can say is this machine is some serious business. I am in love.  It is so quiet and has so many features that I actually keep the manual next to me as I sew so I use all it offers.

Ok, and so here's where you really get to roll your eyes at me. I actually got a little teary as I sewed with it. I would NEVER have committed to spending the money this machine retails for no matter how good a sewer I became. We don't have that kind of cash to devote to sewing machines. Everything goes to the house, kids, or the bank. I am so grateful to be blessed with it and I hope Erin at DIY on the Cheap and Singer know that this gift is much appreciated!! And guess what!  I am not as sucky a sewer as I thought!  I mean I'm pretty sucky but not THAT sucky!  WIN!

What have I made?  A new pillow for Halloween. It's nothing special, just that orange chevron fabric I have been using so much of and some leftover ball fringe. But that pillow makes me ridiculously happy.

And then flipped

Sometimes it's not the small things that mean the most. Sometimes it's the really big sewing machine type things.  Thanks again, Erin!



  1. What a fabulous prize! You've certainly put it to good use and I love the pillow. ~ Maureen

  2. Whoa you are one lucky girl! The pillow turned out great. Love the poms!

  3. CONGRATS! What a fabulous win :) Enjoy, you deserve it!! xo, Kelly

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying your new machine. Love the cute pillow too! :)

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  5. Awesome prize! Good for you- I can relate the sewing machine budget comes after ...everything else! I hope you keep enjoying your new machine. Love the fun pillows.

  6. I am so jealous of your sewing machine! I love how the pillow turned out too. So glad to be following you, you've got a great blog:)



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