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Rosette Pumpkin Barrette

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I am crafty lately!  Look at what I made!  Some cute (and free!) rolled flower pumpkin barrettes!

I love browsing through Gymboree and looking at all their pretty seasonal hair accessories. I always think I'm going to splurge on something for Molly and Ellie but then I always reconsider. They refuse to keep cute things in their hair. Frankly, the only thing that they will consistently keep in their hair is maple syrup.

So instead of wasting money I decided to waste my time instead and whipped up some cute pumpkin barrettes made from the good old rolled flower rosette! I used scrap fabric and ribbon which is a bonus.

Here we go!  I know we've all seen the rosette tutorial before but here it is again for those that may have been living in an underground bunker for the past few years. Oh and for bunker friends, later we'll talk about tissue paper poofs.

I didn't want a lot of frayed edges so I hot glued a seam. I simply glued one raw side down and then the other.

Tie a knot on one end and begin rolling and twisting. Twist and roll and twist and roll. Spread a bunch of hot glue on a piece of felt and mash your rolled up rosette on top. Trim the edges of the felt off. In someone else's blog, the felt would be the same color as the flower. On this blog we're all lucky it isn't glued to an old pot holder.

Made a leave by accordion folding a scrap of green grosgrain ribbon. To keep the ribbon edges from fraying, lightly melt the edges with a match or candle. Anyway, hot glue the folds together on one end. Use a skewer to hold it together until it cools if need be. Glue onto the back of the pumpkin rosette.

Cut a small strip of brown grosgrain ribbon. Melt edges to prevent fraying and glue in place.
Glue the whole shebang onto an alligator clip. I did line my clip with some matching fabric so the glue wouldn't pull on their hair. Which was a waste of time because these barrettes have only touched hair for about 27 seconds.

And trying to take a picture of a toddler outside is about as easy as taking a picture of  Sasquatch and Elvis knitting a sweater.  So here are some cute pics of Ellie I jazzed up using Picmonkey. And trust me that the barrette is in her hair. Stuck to maple syrup no doubt.

I did not trim her bangs. Ok, I did. Like you couldn't tell. And like you've never done it. Riiiggggght.



  1. Very cute - I have the same problem with my 2 year old, except it's usually breakfast cereal. I've taken to bathing her in the morning just because it happens so often.

  2. Adorable! Love the color of the flower! Ellie is beautiful - love those cheeks!!!

  3. Super cute! I found you via Crafty Confessions Link UP. I'm going to follow and I'd love you to join my new creative meme which starts Friday.

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  4. It's cute and veryyyyyyyyyyy beautiful
    I'd love to wear it myself!:)

  5. Really cute! Great tutorial and the pics and colors are fab! Maple syrup dig is so true! But they sure smell good when I kiss them! hee hee! :-) Aunt Nicky

  6. So cute! I've been meaning to sit down and make a lot of the rosettes for a project that I'm working on. Seeing yours makes me want to get on that project and get it done.

  7. What a cute bow! I would love it if you stopped by and linked this up to my weekly link party. Hope to see you there!

  8. So cute- I think my girls would love to have some new accessories.

  9. So very cute. Love all things girly & especially for hair. I'm going to have to try my hand at some of these!

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  11. I love this! I have made one similar before and they are just darling. your little girl is a cutie pie too, which just adds to the sweetness. This is my first time here, cant wait to get inspired somemore. Come visit me too, if you get a chance. :)


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